You work hard to provide for your family but are you working on yourself?

Your busy, I get it because most people are and sometimes you are so busy that you don't feel you get the time to look after yourself.

Your focus in life has changed and priorities have shifted to working hard to provide for your family, with that sometimes our health can take a back seat to all the other things we need to do.

I see this common problem amongst a growing number of people and in particular the middle aged.

If you stop and think about it without your input into the family both financially and your time things would fall apart very quickly wouldn't they?

If we become unwell none of the other stuff can get done and then the family really suffers.

So why is it that most people prioritise everything else before their health?

Isn't it time to stop taking your health for granted and make it one of the focuses in life ?

Start thinking of what you can do for your health and fitness and forget about what you could do when you where young, Your life has changed and so has your fitness.

Make the decision to priorities your heath and fitness as well.

You will find that after a few weeks of regular exercise, a healthy diet and some rest that you will have more energy, you will think clearer, you will deal with stress better and therefore your busy life too.

It's time to make time for yourself and in turn everyone benefits.

#worklifebalance #health #fitness #time #timepoor #gethealthy

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