Getting over that plateau

When you are regularly exercising, it is not uncommon to hit a plateau and find we may become stuck at a certain level.

If this is below the level you are aiming at, how do you shake it free and keep progressing? If you have been stuck for more than three weeks you can try two good strategies. They are:

  • Rest – have a few days where you may take the intensity right back to a very easy level. This will allow all the systems (muscular, nervous etc.) to fully recover and repair. This can be a real shot in the arm to progress again.

  • Try a shock to unblock strategy – this is where you manipulate the training intensity to really raise the intensity and kick the body off again. This may mean reducing the weight and increasing the repetitions, or vice versa. If it is cardiovascular, increase the speed but make the duration shorter, or again complete that in reverse.

It is important to remember, we all have genetic and physiological limitations that dictate what we can achieve.

Do not become frustrated and hard on yourself if things are just not happening. Review your goals, the steps you have taken and see if you have missed something, the answer is sometimes just under your nose.

...and of course, speak to your trainer. We're happy to get you over the plateau.

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