How often are you taking the easy option and dining out?

Busy lifestyles, families, work, social commitments - we seem to be busier than we have ever been!

As such, more and more people are looking at easy eating options to take off some pressure, like getting take out or dining out, but how often are you doing this each week?

What’s the solution?

Plan what you are eating during the week! Why?

  • It is easier to manage good meals that will suit your routine, and are nutritious.

  • It place less pressure on the household budget.

  • You don’t have to think about it during your busy week!

What do you need to do?

  • Each week, write out a menu of your meals, and if you are really well prepared, write out who is responsible for the cooking duties that evening, or

  • Spend an afternoon, like Sunday, cooking some fridge and freezer-friendly meals for the week so they’re all prepared in advance, or

  • Make some extra when your cooking and set it aside for other nights.

These options do take planning and forethought, but that investment in time will make a marked difference in your eating habits, and give you some breathing space with your budget, and some more room in your jeans!

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